Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Workplace News Round-Up

Monday's workplace new round-ups are so much fun, why not do one on Wednesday, too?

Do U.S. federal workers owe more than $3 billion in back taxes? Apparently, employees at the Department of Housing and Urban Development owe a lot in back taxes, while employees at the U.S. Department of the Treasury owe the least.

Smoking 'em out: 400 Reynolds Tobacco Co. production employees in North Carolina accept a buyout to leave the company by 2011.

Gov. Patterson (D-NY) gears up to offer workplace protections to transgendered workers at state agencies.

Nice touch: Some bosses are visiting military bases to see off their reservist employees.

New research finds employers are worried about a brain drain as Baby Boomers retire. Psst, employers: Gen Xers are chomping at the bit for these jobs, so train them already. Then again, 401(k)-strapped Baby Boomers won't be retiring anytime soon, so nevermind.

Seeing red: British grocery chain Tesco apologizes for making fun of kids with red hair. Seriously.

A golden opportunity? The British Government is offering employers a nice payday called a "Golden Hello" (I don't get the name, either) in return for hiring 16 and 17-year-old apprentices.

Want to see who's hiring this week? Here you go.

Dell to lay off 700 workers at its Malaysian plant.

The giving season: A new OfficeTeam survey finds employees expect to give more gifts than they receive from co-workers.

Chinese consumers are upset about rising prices for the goods and services they buy. Roughly 67% surveyed say current prices are "too high to accept." I wonder how high "too high" is, exactly.

Finance workers say they're now willing to accept a pay cut in return for a job offer. 79% report a "longer than anticipated" job search. Maybe causing a near collapse of the U.S. economy does have some consequences after all.

Hear me roar! Is Elin Nordegren about to sign a contract with Nike's arch rival (no pun intended), Puma? That's the rumor. Nike, of course, continues to stand behind Tiger Woods.

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