Friday, January 29, 2010

Co-workers Suck At Giving Career Advice

Don't go to your boss or your co-workers if you need advice for getting ahead in your career.

So says a new survey out today from The Creative Group, a staffing agency.

The Creative Group surveyed 250 U.S. advertising and senior marketing executives at large companies. It asked them a simple question: "Have you ever received bad career advice from any of the following sources?" Those sources (along withe percentage of executives saying they received bad advice from that source) were co-workers (58%); the boss (54%); parents and other relatives (35%); a spouse or significant other (30%); a mentor (21%); or one of the above (25%).

So co-workers are the worst people to ask for career advice. The boss isn't far behind.

So what kinds of terrible career advice did these executives receive? Some say they were told to keep quiet amid big problems at work, or to play it too safe. Others said they were told to take too much risk. In some cases, the person giving the advice steered the advice to their own benefit, such as advising the executive not to work for a competitor.

In this job market, relying on a co-worker for career advice can be a deadly move. Sad, but true.

You'll find a complete rundown right here.

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