Thursday, April 8, 2010

But What About Ken?

Forget Veterinarian Barbie and Doctor Barbie. Now there's Episcopal Priest Barbie.

Episcopal Barbie's back story: She graduated from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California and she's now rector at St. Barbara’s-by-the-Sea in Malibu, California. As this article points out:

She arrived at the church fully accessorized, as is Barbie’s custom. Her impeccably tailored ecclesiastical vestments include various colored chasubles (the sleeveless vestments worn at Mass) for every liturgical season, black clergy shirt with white collar, neat skirt and heels, a laptop with prepared sermon and a miniature, genuine Bible.

Apparently a devotee of the “smells and bells” of High Church tradition, the Rev. Barbie even has a tiny thurible, a metal vessel used for sending clouds of incense wafting toward heaven.

Oh, Barbie. Ever the fashion plate. And Rev. Barbie comes with accessories! You'd better take her seriously because she wants to be a Bishop someday. This isn't Barbie circa 1965, content to try on clothes while she waits for the right Ken to come along. Oh, no, no, no. She has real career aspirations and worships a higher power! She's rocking the chasubles, too.

She's the creation of a real-life Episcopal priest. Episcopal Barbie even has her own Facebook page, which has more than 3,500 fans so far.

By the way, April 22 is Take Your Sons and Daughters To Work Day. More about that soon.

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