Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Your Business Ready For A Disaster?

The scary events in Times Square got me thinking about this emergency planning article I wrote in early 2002 as a management columnist for Entrepreneur magazine.

The article features an interview with the director of the Pentagon's daycare center, who shared how the daycare's employees evacuated the children safely after the plane slammed into the Pentagon building on 9/11.

The article is a little bit dated (has it really been eight years since I write it?) but it contains timeless tips from the experts for creating a company-wide emergency plan.

More recently, I penned this piece that offers advice from a small business owner who survived Hurricane Katrina and now has a full disaster plan for her New Orleans bakery.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that 40% of small businesses would go out of business after a disaster. That's pretty scary, but this isn't just a small business problem. Studies show that even large companies lag behind when it comes to disaster preparedness.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but the Times Square scare reminds us that disaster planning is still important and companies can't afford to get complacent about it.

Stay safe, and make sure employees are safe, too.

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