Sunday, July 4, 2010

Monday Workplace News Roundup

Hope your Fourth was fabulous. We went to the National Mall to be among the thousands of sweaty, cranky tourists in firecracker hats being honked at by sweaty, cranky local drivers who hate tourists. Happy birthday, America!

Here are some headlines catching my eye today:

He's my hero: U.S. Postal worker Chester Arthur Reed just retired at age 95. His co-workers say he was never late and never took a sick day since he was hired in 1973. He's now planning to do some more para-sailing, this time in Rio de Janeiro. Go, Chester!

What a fraud: A new PricewaterhouseCoopers Fraud in the Public Sector report says public sector employees around the world are turning to fraud amid budget cuts.

Drop outs: Gen X women in Australia are sacrificing their careers to raise their kids and it's leaving them with shattered dreams. Oops, wrong link. Try this link instead.

Tax ax: Google announces it will cover the extra federal health benefits tax that gay and lesbian employees must pay every year.

Jammed up: IBM's new Commuter Pain Study says Beijing, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Moscow and New Delhi have the world's worst traffic. Worst traffic of any U.S. city? Los Angeles, but that's not really a surprise.

Thanks for stopping bye: Israel is having second thoughts about all the foreign laborers inside its borders.

Broken China: Chinese workers are learning how to strike and now Vietnam is looking better and better to some major multinational companies.

Minimum rage: A California appeals court says Gov. Schwarzenegger can cut state workers' pay to $7.25 a hour if the legislature doesn't pass a state budget. In the meantime, get ready for more lawsuits.

Picking away: In other California news, the state Senate sends the governor a bill that if signed will require farms to pay workers time-and-a-half for more than 40 hours hours worked. Current law requires farmers to pay time-and-a-half only after 60 hours worked.

We're not in Mayberry anymore: The small Southern California city of Maywood is outsourcing city workers' jobs after the city's insurer drops liability and workers' compensation coverage.

Under the table no more: The State of New York has passed the country's first domestic worker protection law.

Palm of their hands: HP acquires Palm and apparently gets ready to unhand an undisclosed number of Palm employees.

Feeling antisocial: A survey of 600 unemployed Iowans finds nearly half are skipping social events because they feel embarrassed about being unemployed.

Won't bee around: A new study concludes cell phone radiation is killing honey bees.

Finding the free: Freelance journalists are finding it even harder to sniff out gigs that pay the bills. I guess it's only a matter of time before we're all nerd dancing on the subway like the DC Metro Dancer. I just need to download my ABBA box set, recharge my iPod and I'm ready to go.

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