Wednesday, February 9, 2011

60% Of Employees Have Had An Office Romance

It's almost Valentine's Day, and has released its 7th Annual Office Romance Survey. surveyed 2,000 employees about cupid at work and found 60% of respondents have had an office romance.

Men are more likely to have had an office fling, but women are more likely to have had a long-term, serious relationship with a co-worker.

It's not all rosebuds and sunshine, though: 30% who had an office romance said it impacted their relationships with co-workers in a negative way. It turns out the other people in the office have some very definite opinions about what is unacceptable in terms of office romance. For starters, they don't like it when a manager dates a subordinate. Also, employees don't like it when dating co-workers are in same department, work on the same projects, or even work together when they're each employed by different companies. Let's see some daylight between those corporate entities, please.

You can read the full report here.


  1. Shocking and interesting post!

  2. It is not a shocking issue because it really exist! For me, having a serious relationship with a co-worker is alright as long as we put limitations from each other specially in the workplace. I can say that if you really love someone you keep it and most specially you will not allow someone to destroy it. I know it's kinda awkward specially if your working in the same department but if you value each other and knows your role in the company you will surpass it.
    Thanks for this one.