Thursday, February 3, 2011

National Bed Bug Summit Advances Toward Solutions

Weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry about the upcoming National Bed Bug Summit scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C.

Well, the summit happened earlier this week. The subtitle of this year's conference was "Advancing Towards Solutions to the Bed Bug Problem." The Christian Science Monitor has a good article about it.

Advancing Towards Solutions to the Bed Bug Problem? Hmm. Not to make light of a serious problem, but "advancing toward solutions" is the best name they could come up with? As NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz/Ed Harris said in the movie Apollo 13, tell me this isn't a government operation. How about something more snappy like "Taking a Bite Out Of the Bed Bug Problem" or "Feeling Bugged: A National Strategy For Stopping Bed Bugs" or "Stop Bugging Me: Eradicating Bed Bugs in the United States"? Anything other than "advancing toward solutions," which is far too tame and boring given the subject matter. In fact, the word "solutions" should be banished forever from the business and government lexicon, because it's overused to the point of being rendered completely meaningless. Let's just say I would be lounging at my bed bug-free beach house in Aruba by now if I had earned $100 every time a PR person pitched me a "unique solution" over the last decade.

The conference itself sounds like a success, however, which is by far the most important thing. Here's a quick round-up of National Bed Bug Summit news. I'll update the list as new links become available.

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