Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stressed Employees Want To Whistle While They Work

It turns out that listening to Loverboy's "Working For the Weekend" can actually help you work toward the weekend.

A new survey by British mental health organization Mind finds almost three-fourths of employees surveyed (74%) listen to their favorite songs while driving to work, and 52% say the songs leave them "energized" to get the job done.

Almost one-third of employees surveyed (32%) say music improves morale at the office, while slightly more than one-quarter (26%) say it lowers stress levels and helps employees get along better.

Almost one-fifth (18%) say they would be more productive at work if the boss let them listen to music.

So there you have it, management. Employees want some music to break up the monotony. Have fun getting them to agree on a music station. This may be one area where an executive decision is necessary.

I wonder what's going on with the 48% who don't feel energized after listening to something on the way to work. Do they hate their jobs so much that no amount of music is going to help them feel energized? And what are they listening to while driving? Alice In Chains? Celine Dion? Ben Folds Five's "Brick"? William Hung? NPR?

The survey did ask the energized employees what they're listening to on the way to work. Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Mumford & Sons are all favorites. So now you can thank Alejandro for the productivity boost.

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