Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Warblings: Sunday Comes After Saturday

Have you hear this song yet? It's burning up the internets and pop culture gossip blogs. If you haven't heard it, your kids or tween nieces probably have and you can impress them by asking, "Hey, have you heard that Rebecca Black song called Friday?" All of the sudden, you'll be the coolest aunt/uncle/mom/dad ever! Of course, it's a terrible song autotuned to within an inch of its life with laughable lyrics such as "gotta have my bowl, gotta have my cereal" and "gotta get down to the bus stop." My favorite lyric: "We so excited, we gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards." It's always good to have a reminder of which day comes next, no?

But Friday comes after Wednesday, and this clip can't wait that long. So here it is, your new "working for the weekend" anthem.

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