Monday, May 2, 2011

Employees Call In Sick To Avoid Commuting

Some workers hate their commute so much they’re calling in sick because of it.

Or so says a new survey from the Workforce Institute at Kronos that calculates 4% of U.S. workers –- that’s about 5 million of us -- have called in sick just to avoid the commute. Nearly half (48%) of the roughly 2,000 employees surveyed said their commute has a "significant impact" on job satisfaction.

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Slightly more than one-quarter (27%) said they would like to work from home but the boss won’t let them. Either these workers hold jobs that aren't telecommute-friendly, or they work for a micromanager who thinks they'll sit at home in their jammies texting friends and watching repeats of The Office.

So just how long is our daily commute, on average? Kronos reveals 45% of U.S. workers commute less than 30 minutes, while 32% travel up to an hour. A full 16% commute between 1 and 2 hours to get to work.

I feel for the 16% who are stuck in traffic staring at all the signs that scream IF YOU LIVED HERE YOU COULD BE HOME BY NOW. Yes, we could be home by now; thanks for reminding us. But our spouse had to have the McMansion in the exurbs and so we're not home yet, are we? No, we're busy humming old Eddie Rabbitt songs and spilling coffee all over the dashboard when we're not yelling at the driver in front of us. Our cars have a homey, lived-in look about them. And with gas hovering around $4 per gallon, workers could soon be finding a new reason to call in sick, too.

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