Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One-third Of U.S. Employees Feel Overqualified For Their Jobs

You're not alone if your daily commute feels like the only challenging part of your job.

One-third of U.S. employees now feel overqualified for the jobs they currently hold, according to a new survey from HR provider Randstad:
"It's surprising that one out of every three American employees feels over-qualified in their job," said Jim Link, Managing Director of Human Resources for Randstad. "The data suggests that U.S. workers are less challenged by their current jobs. It also raises questions about how this will affect employee turnover and retention as the job market recovers."

Actually, finding out that workers feel overqualified isn't all that surprising in this recession where people have taken survival jobs to pay the bills, occasionally in rather unorthodox ways.

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As for how overqualified workers "will affect employee turnover and retention as the job market recovers," the answer is simple: Employers who want to keep their best people should be looking for more and better ways to keep them challenged, upwardly mobile and happy. Of course, if an employee is sticking credit cards into floppy PC ports, then the employer can probably go easy on the motivation.

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