Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get Ready For Organic Office Snack Machines

We all knew this day would come. The age of the organic office snack machine is upon us!

The companies that sell organic snacks are already in the schools and now they see emerging market opportunities in the workplace. Say "goodbye" to fingers covered in orange Doritos dust and say "hello" to...a banana and vitamin water. Or how about some organic, free range pita chips?

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Hmmm. I certainly don't have anything against eating things that are better for us. We all need to do more of that, and new research singles out the workplace as new source of fatness. Now we're being asked to use a Food Plate instead of a Food Pyramid. Sigh. Like everyone else, however, I wonder about the taste, selection and price points of these organic snacks because anything organic is usually more expensive. In this era of tight budgets, will employees be willing to skip the 75-cent bag of Sun Chips they've always bought for what might be a pricier bag of mini organic carrots? Will employees be sold on this idea?

I'll be curious to see how companies implement these organic snack machines, too. Will they have them installed alongside the traditional sugary soda and snack machines, or entirely replace them with organic goodness? I'm not so sure forcing employees to go cold turkey on snackage is a great idea. Maybe slow immersion -- taking an organic management approach, if you will, by placing the machines side by side -- would work better so companies don't come across like a Mom saying, "Stop eating those greasy potato chips! Here, have some organic celery instead." Oh, yummy. We adults don't like to feel like we're five years old again. Slow immersion would also give companies a chance to see which expenses are literally eating away at the bottom line.

Never underestimate the ability of food to highly influence employee morale, either. Take away the traditional snack machines and before you know it employees could be going BYOC (bring your own Cheetos) or trekking to nearby buildings to forage from the "good" snack machine, all the while complaining on the down low. Those orange-stained fingers tapping keyboards never really seem to go out of style, do they?

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