Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who Will Be This Summer's Steven Slater?

The news dregs of summer are upon us and there's not a lot of great workplace news going on this week. I'm just sitting here waiting for this summer's Steven Slater story.

Yes, it's been almost one year since our everyman flight attendant/employee decided not to take it anymore and deployed the emergency chute with beer in hand, offering an instant story and non-stop, 24/7 analysis for news-starved journalists. At least until September when the news cycle ramped up again. The story analysis streamlined into one, simple message: He's doing what every employee secretly dreams of! He is us, we are him, we're all quickly becoming unemployed. Time sure flies (no pun intended), doesn't it?

The only story that comes close so far is the fabulous rant letter from the ex-Whole Foods employee in Canada. Other than this, it's kind of a slow news day. And week. And as of next week, month.

Oh, South Korean researchers have created a glowing dog. That's...different? But I'm not sure how to spin glowing dogs into a workplace story (I'm open to ideas). Take your glowing dog to work day? Meh. Exxon Mobil, meanwhile, just reported a quarterly profit increase of 41%. That's not so different.


Yes, we'll all survive the next few weeks. August is silly season in politics (although this year it feels like silly season started early with the molehill-to-mountain "will they or won't they" debt ceiling fiasco) and maybe some of the silliness will rub off on the workplace in a semi-humorous, interesting way that in no way, shape or form involves the Tea Party. In the meantime, I'll be sitting here literally watching paint dry amid some interior repainting. Steven Slater, we miss you.

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