Saturday, August 6, 2011

Credit Rating Downgrade News Round-up

Let's try to find a way to enjoy our weekend now that Standard & Poor's has decided the United States has the political attitude, judgment and foresight of the typical teenager. Wait a minute, though: Isn't Standard & Poor's the same group that gave the housing bubble's subprime sludge a AAA rating? Hmm. I must be missing something here. Anyway, it's the first weekend of August and there isn't anything going on except that our entire economy is falling apart while Congress is taking a month-long vacation and the whole world is getting up in our business and talking behind our back. Here's your weekend credit rating downgrade news round-up.


The New York Times

The Washington Post

The Wall Street Journal

Xinhua News Service (China)

Pravda (Russia)

The Guardian (U.K.)

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Financial Times (U.K.)

Arab News (Middle East)

New Zealand Herald

The Korea Times (South Korea)

The Times Of India

NHK World (Japan)

Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)

The Mainichi Daily News (Japan)

Deutche Welle (Germany)

Spiegel Online (Germany)

The Globe And Mail (Canada)

Vancouver Sun (Canada)

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