Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Almost Bring Your Gun To Work Time In Texas

If you live and work in Texas, you can bring your gun to work starting September 1. Yee-haw!

On June 17, Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed SB 321, otherwise known as the Hegar Gun Bill, into law. It allows employees to bring guns, ammo and concealed weaponry to work -- as long as they keep these weapons in a locked car outside the work building. Employees can't keep their guns and ammo in the company car, either.

Employers aren't required, however, to make sure that employees are complying with the new law, and so how would the boss know what's going on unless he or she is taking the time to look? Anyway, Texas employers have some policy reviewin' to do over the next few weeks. As Securityinfowatch.com reports:
In light of the upcoming effective date of this new gun law, it is recommended that covered employers with broad workplace violence policies revise those policies; review workplace violence policies to ensure they provide for prompt and effective discovery, investigation and response to violence issues; conduct training regarding how to handle violence issues as well as adequate background checks; and with security personnel consider revising policies so that security personnel escort all discharged employees off employer property and subsequently monitor the parking area.

Yes, I would sure hope so because now every worker in Texas will have the potential to be the roughest, toughest He-Man stuffest hombre who's ever crossed the Rio Grande. Yosemite Sam, take it away.

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