Monday, October 24, 2011

Companies With the Best Workplace Food

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Does your company give you the munchies or leave you reaching for the Tums? just ranked the companies with the best workplace food, and it's not surprising that some companies -- such as Google with its 25 cafes, organic food and company chefs -- make the list. Here is Glassdoor's rundown of the ten companies where employees just love, love, love the food, with the most-loved food ranked first:

1. Facebook
2. Google
3. Dreamworks Animation
4. Susquehanna International Group
5. LinkedIn
6. TripAdvisor
7. FactSet
8. Bloomberg
9. Zynga
10. Marvell Technology Group

So Facebook ranks better on eats than Google? Who knew. It turns out that Facebook gives employees free breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks. The type of food Facebook serves its employees ranges from all over the map from barbecue to Cuban rice and beans, too. This way, Facebook employees can stay at work and think of new and exciting features to upset users when they're not sneaking some Beano. Status: Step it up, Google.

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