Monday, October 10, 2011

In Business, Triathlons Are the New Golf

Looking to hob nob and impress someone in the C-suite? Well, stop arranging a tee time and sign up for a triathlon instead.

Today's C-level executives are no longer satisfied with 18 holes on the green. No, they want to beat the crap out of themselves with a lot of running, biking and swimming. As Advertising Age tells us:
According to a study initiated by USA Triathlon, the average triathlete is a married 38-year-old with an income of $126,000. Forty-four percent have kids living at home; 60% are male. They spend in excess of $4,000 annually on bike gear, athletic footwear, race fees and nutritional supplements. Nearly half have traveled more than 500 miles for a race.

And apparently, an increasing number of average triathletes are CEOs, CFOs and other C-suiters who might see golf as too slow, too tame, too much Dad's game, too cliche, too whatever. Who knows. The point is, the business torch has been passed to a new, hyperventilating generation of executives and you'll need to bulk up if you want to impress someone in the C-suite. If Jennifer Lopez can do it, so can you.

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