Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is This the Most Relaxing Work Music Ever?

Is work, or the act of looking for it, turning you into a stress puppy? Well, put away the Enya and Coldplay songs because there's a new stress-busting artiste in town.

Musical group Marconi Union and British therapeutic sound practitioner Lyz Cooper say they have created the most relaxing piece of music ever recorded in the history of the world. That's right: In the history of the entire freaking world. Their eight-minute musical effort called Weightless is so calming, in fact, that it can supposedly lower blood pressure and cortisol levels while also getting the heart and brain waves in sync. So what does the song sound like, exactly? Here you go. Don't fall asleep.

Hmm, I don't know. Why does this song make me want a Snapple? Seriously. I haven't had one in years. Why is that? Anyway, if you feel like you just took an entire yoga class from the comforts of your home office chair (namaste), then the song has done its job. Here's a bit about the research into the song's calming effects:

So if you're looking for music to calm you after a long day of job hunting, or your company is on the hunt for a few new tunes to lull impatient customers waiting on hold into a blissful catatonic state, then this song could be better than a cup of tea, or even a massage. Play it in a staff meeting just to see what happens.

I'm still keeping my Enya CDs, though.

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