Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cool Workplaces: The Motley Fool

How can you create a more fun, trustworthy workplace in these stressful times and reinvent the whole idea of work/life balance?

In a new weekly series dubbed "cool workplaces," I'll spotlight a company that's doing cool things to make life better for employees. Here are Sam Moore Cicotello and Lee Burbage from the "People Department" (read: HR) at Virginia-based investing website The Motley Fool talking about the company's work/life balance strategies at a recent TEDx event in Washington, DC.

So what is The Motley Fool doing to make life better for employees in this never-ending recession? For starters, the company doesn't have a vacation policy. The Motley Fool's employees are in charge of their own vacation days and when they want to take time off, and it's been company policy for 18 years. The office boasts an open floor plan with desks on wheels so employees can pair up for projects or move their desks just for the hell of it (hey, we all need new scenery now and then, don't we?). Televisions are brought in every Spring so employees don't miss out on all the NCAA tournament action, and there's a game room. Yes, game rooms still exist in some workplaces. And HR is called the "people department" instead of "human resources" -- a term that really needs to go -- and its people wear really cool hats.

Think your workplace can top this? Drop me an email and tell me how.

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