Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Funnies: Work It, Bosom Buddies

Have you watched the new ABC show Work It? I haven't either, but apparently it's not worth watching if you've read the reviews.

The plot goes something like this: Two men battered by the "mancession" decide to dress like women in order to land jobs. I think I liked it better when it was called Bosom Buddies starring Peter Scolari and a very young Tom Hanks, which, perhaps not coincidentally, was also an ABC show in the early 1980s. Only if I recall correctly, Scolari and Hanks were dressing as women to land a place to live. Hey, times do change. One man's job is another man's apartment, or something like that. They're interchangeable as long as you have lip gloss and big hair. Remember Benson?

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