Thursday, January 5, 2012

Workplace Trends: The Self-sanitizing Keyboard

Get ready to ditch the bottle of Lysol you keep underneath your desk, because the age of the self-sanitizing keyboard is finally here!

The FDA has just approved the Viogard Self Sanitizing Keyboard, which can kill up to 99.9% of keyboard germs using some sort of ultraviolet light technology -- or so the maker claims. Office germaphobes rejoice! However, a June 2011 study in the American Journal of Infection Control says Vioguard's keyboard is actually 67% effective in killing keyboard yuck, which means you might want to keep a bottle of Lysol/Fantastic/409/bleach spray on standby.

Still, such a product might keep employees from catching every single cold and case of pink eye that floats around the office. Score one for overall productivity! Pair it up with your bulletproof computer bag and you'll be impervious to anything the workplace throws at you. Almost. As tells us:
According to lab studies funded by Irish office-supply company Viking, two thirds of the desks in an average office are infected with varieties of staphylococcus bacteria, a common bug that can cause anything from food poisoning to skin rashes to toxic shock.

More than half the desks showed traces of micrococcus, a bacterium that lives on human skin; 90 percent had bacillus subtilis, which is found in dirt and can cause food or blood poisoning.

A British study found keyboards in office buildings were host to five times as many bacteria as the average toilet in the same building.

Boy, I bet you can't wait to eat lunch at your desk while you surf the web, can you? Anyway, the co-worker who always makes you feel like a regular Typhoid Mary for using her keyboard is gonna love this product.

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