Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 10 Worst Things About Meetings

Meetings. Everyone hates them but everyone has to go to them. Let's have a meeting of the minds about this problem, okay?

Or maybe we can meet halfway to discuss a new survey of 1,600 jaded meeting goers who were asked: "What frustrates you most about meetings at work?" Geez, how much time do we have here? And will there be bagels? If you're wondering, is a Virginia company that helps companies "make meetings better," which explains why it's asking the question in the first place. But moving on: What bugs about meetings? Here are the top 10 complaints as compiled by

1.) Allowing attendees to ramble and repeat the same comments and thoughts;
2.) Doesn't start on time, stay on track, or finish on time;
3.) No specific action items or walk-away points;
4.) No clear purpose or objective;
5.) Not inspiring or motivating;
6.) Not organized. No agenda;
7.) Too long;
8.) Repeating information for late arrivals;
9.) Weak presenter (unprepared, monotone, overly redundant);
10.) Boring. Nothing new or interesting.

Keep it short, get to the point, don't be boring, don't repeat yourself, and just tell me what I need to know so I can get back to what I was doing. I think this pretty much sums it up.

Well, we do know from past research that meetings are driving employees insane, and that status updates are a huge waste of time because an hour spent updating your boss on a project is an hour spent not finishing it. Hello! Plus, your boss will be in a bad mood after being interrupted again and again. Can't you guys hold your tongue until I'm done rambling? This is what your boss really wants to say. Speaking last might help.

Maybe it's a good thing your team leader will eventually turn holographic and that we'll be rolling our 2.0 selves into meetings courtesy of telepresencing? Those of you surreptitiously reading this blog post on your smartphone during today's meeting will be awarded bonus points for irony.

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