Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sleepy's Ranks the Most Sleep-Deprived Professions

Daylight savings time is right around the corner, and tired, overworked employees suddenly losing an hour of sleep will be having more heart trouble and more workplace accidents.

Or so past research says. But let's keep the past in the past, because mattress store Sleepy's is sleep walking its way into the room with a list of the most (and least) sleep-deprived professions! Sleepy's bases its "Shortest-Sleep Jobs list" on "an independent analysis of individual sleep habits as reported in the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)." Sounds semi-official, so let's run with it.

Does your profession make the list? Sleepy's ten most sleep-deprived careers (ranked most to least) are home health aides, lawyers, police officers, physicians, paramedics, economists, social workers, computer programmers, financial analysts, plant operators and secretaries.

The ten best-rested jobs, meanwhile, are forest/logging workers, hairstylists, sales representatives, bartenders, construction workers, athletes, landscapers, engineers, aircraft pilots and teachers. Salespeople and loggers get more sleep than the average economist? Hmm. I have a few lumber workers in my family tree (including my dad), and they weren't strangers to the graveyard shift. Not exactly a great recipe for sleep. Maybe economics is more stressful than one might think?

Anyway, in the immortal words of Tag Team, whoomp, there it is. Or it is whoot, there it is by 95 South? It's the same song, only different. Excuse me sonny, do you know where I can find an explanation for this? I meant to find one back in the 1990s and then I got distracted by other things. So, so confusing. Maybe I should just go back to bed and pretend like I know what's going on.


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