Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kids These Days: Younger Workers Don't Care About Confidentiality

Does your company have intellectual property or documentation it doesn't particularly want floating outside its walls? Well, younger employees don't really care about all of your namby pamby confidentiality rules.

Or so says a new FileTrek survey that finds more than two-thirds (68%) of employees in the 18-to-34 age range don't see a problem in taking confidential company information with them whenever they leave the building.

Management is worried that the company's plans, specs and other secret details might slip into the hands of a competitor somehow, but the "Millennials" are all sorts of "whatevs" about it, apparently. Don't you managers understand that these kids are the mobile generation? They need room to drive while texting and your confidentiality rules are soooo 20th Century. And it's not like anyone behind them in line at Starbuck's can read their smartphone screens; all anyone might see is the occasional "LMFAO" or random emoticon as they walk while texting. Besides, information is for sharing!
"Business leaders need to be aware of the changing attitudes toward company intellectual property in the modern workplace," said Dale Quayle, CEO of FileTrek. "Today's workforce believes information is an asset to be shared, and while companies have benefited from this collaborative attitude with new technologies and increased productivity, there are risks too. Few cloud services provide the security necessary to track where their confidential data goes. It's critical for today’s management teams to be more IP aware to ensure data security."

Ah, the nebulous cloud rears its head yet again. We'll all be living there someday.

But that is then and this is now, because today's younger employees are literally leaking a trail of titillating time frames and t-values. Managers will have to have The Talk. But will they listen? If your main competitor comes out with the same exact product before you do, then you'll know.

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