Monday, March 19, 2012

OMG, Social Media Growth Is Slowing Down

If you still can't tell a tweet from a status update, you'll be happy to know that social media growth may be peaking.

The sixth global social media survey from marketing group UM Singapore tells us there is a "plateauing of growth" underway in social networking. Loquacious-challenged Luddites, rejoice!

Essentially, new social media sites aren't entering the space nearly as fast anymore and social media users are spending all their time on one or two favorite sites, which, by extension, makes it harder for new social media startups to gain traction, which, by further extension, means you won't be feeling pressured to embarrass yourself in new and exciting ways in cyberspace. Huzzah? By "one or two favorite sites," I mean Facebook and Twitter. Who else? And we're spending a lot of time on them.

Maybe slower social media growth would be a good thing, since we don't really know how to use it yet? So far, practice isn't making us social media prodigies. Jealously, juvenile behavior, job jitters, lost job offers and job loss seem to be waiting at the end of far too many cyberrelationships. And now social media will be helping the HR department score just how valuable we are as individual components of human capital. Oh, great. We could all use our own personal social media expert guru person, stat.

Will we end up with a limited number of social media sites on which to ruin our reputations? Who knows. But it would mean fewer passwords to remember, and I'm all for that.

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