Monday, April 9, 2012

Say Cheese! Your Boss Is Afraid Of Your Smartphone

I'm back like a bad case of shingles after a week-long Spring Break trip to the West Coast to visit family. For people on the East Coast, "West Coast" automatically means "California," which just so happens to be where we went. Go figure.

Sun, fun, fish tacos. But now it's back to our regularly-scheduled programming. What's going on in the world of work today? Well, your boss is very, very afraid of your smartphone, that's what. Specifically, your boss is paranoid that you'll use it to make YouTube clips and other career-imploding bits of digital magic that could be uploaded for the whole world to see.

Smartpho-oh-ohne, give us those nice, bright colors, give us the greens of summers, makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah! Worrying about surreptitiously-filmed spates of career-killing on-camera work is apparently taking up quite a lot of managerial brain space, if a new Qumu survey is to be believed. It finds 12% of business executives very much fear being filmed by their employees doing _____. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Now 12% might not seem like a huge percentage, but it does mean that slightly more than one in 10 leaders fears the career-wrecking potential of your smartphone. Of course, when asked if they've ever seen it happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, 100% of executives surveyed said that no, they haven't seen it ever happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Yet.

You've got an iPhone camera, you love to take digital photographs. So if you want to scare your boss -- which I really hope you don't -- all you need to do is point, click and hope he or she doesn't take your smartphone away.

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