Monday, April 16, 2012

Workplace Trends: The "Chinplant"

Could your visage via videoconferencing use some extra verve? Chin up, because the latest trend for career-minded people is getting chin implants.

More than 25,000 U.S. professionals went under the knife last year to improve their chins so they could look good on screen for all those videoconferencing appointments and Skype calls. Career women and Gen Xers in their 40s are the most likely to seek out a stronger jawline.

Experts say the jaw is one of the first facial areas to show signs of aging (really?) and apparently high definition television isn't helping. Great. In fact, "chinplants" grew at a faster rate than boob jobs in 2011 if you believe a story in today's Daily Mail:
Chins are the new boobs according to latest plastic surgery figures.

Chin augmentation - coined a 'chinplant' - is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend, according to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and grew more than breast augmentation, Botox and liposuction combined in 2011.

Experts suggest the trend has been prompted by increased use of video conferencing in the workplace which causes employees to focus on their facial appearance.

Getting a "chinplant" is not a trivial procedure. Silicone implants are added around the chin, and the pain could linger for weeks. The average cost: $4,671. That's a whole different kind of ouch.

In other news, cheek implants are up 47% over last year.

So you might just be on to something if you find yourself wondering whether or not your teleconferencing connection might have had some other work done as he or she jaws on and on about a project or sales pitch. Is it the hair? Botox? Dieting? I've never noticed her strong chin until now. It's probably best not to take it on the chin by asking directly, however, because you need to land this contract. Vanity, thy name is videoconferencing.

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