Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hiring Managers Saying "TTYL" To the Millennials

A new report finds employers want to hire older workers over Millennials, which is good, because it's National Employ Older Workers Week. That's one awkwardly-phrased designation, but let's talk about it, anyway. - Good luck finding shameful entry-level employment

Adecco Staffing US/Braun Research polled hiring managers and found they're three times more likely to hire a "mature" worker (defined as a worker aged 50-plus) over a 20-something Millennial because mature workers have a work ethic, don't text the whole time you're trying to talk to them, and, in general, have the know-how and proper social graces to get the job done:

"The rise of mature workers in today's workforce is a direct result of economic and societal factors," said Joyce Russell, President of Adecco Staffing US. "These are individuals who long ago paid their dues, and given their years of experience and work ethic, they make excellent job candidates and strong employees — and the results of this survey show how overwhelmingly appreciated and valued they are by hiring managers. National Employ Older Workers Week is a wonderful time to recognize the contributions these employees make to any organization."

Yes, yes, yes! Go ahead and hire an old TODAY, because it's National Employ Older Workers Week, which would have been better phrased as National Older Workers Employment Week, but who am I to say? Adecco lists the Top 10 jobs for older workers as training/learning instructor; financial consultant/advisor; retail sales representative; local tourism guide; customer service representative; non-profit recruiter/manager; accounts payable/receivable clerk; administrative assistant; technical writer; and quality control engineer.

So have at, and let the Millennials sit around mumbling something about Mumford and Sons being too cliche when they're not sucking at software, blowing the whole networking thing, wearing the wrong clothes to job interviews, and giving themselves totally undeserved pats on the back. Step aside kids, we've got an economy to run here. Could someone please pass the Advil and cue up the Mumford and Sons song?

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